ABOUT US We have a variety of storage and ripening facilities that are essential for the delivery of fresh, safe, delicious fruits and vegetables to consumers.

Ripening Room

Funasho Shoji has ripening rooms where fruits are ripened to the degree requested by each client. A variety of bananas, avocados, mangoes, and other fruits are ripened in these rooms to the optimal level.

Banana Ripening Room

The processing of bananas requires highly meticulous management,
experience, and technical proficiency.
Funasho Shoji focuses on the ripening of bananas by establishing banana ripening rooms.
Under a 365-day-a-year quality management program supervised by experienced technicians,
we achieve a stable supply of safe, secure, high-quality products.

There are 31 banana rooms, including 13 rooms in the building in the bonded area next to Oi Terminal, and 18 rooms in the annex building. Green bananas are imported unripe and stored in these rooms.
Since quarantine regulations for pest control prohibit the import of ripe, yellow bananas, the imported bananas look like these when received.
Received bananas are sorted and stored in different rooms according to the shipping date.

These 13 rooms are designed on the basis of the size of large banana boxes to minimize reloading and to reduce the damage to bananas.

Green bananas are ripened for four to five days in warm rooms where temperature and ethylene gas, which accelerates the ripening process, are strictly controlled. Experienced and skilled technicians control the room temperature using visual observation in light of the state of ripeness of received bananas and shipping dates.

Green bananas are carefully ripened in the banana rooms.

Fine adjustments are made to the room temperature and ethylene gas: Ripening is accelerated when there is an urgent order, whereas ripening is slowed when there is a delay in receiving bananas to reduce the impact on the market.
Properly ripened bananas: Bananas are moved to a cooling room to stop the ripening process before shipment.

It is difficult to manually control the temperature for bananas whose ripeness levels vary with the load received.
Therefore, experienced Funasho Shoji technicians control the room temperature with utmost care 365 days a year while checking the ripeness level of bananas in each room.

The last process is shipping. Bananas are first sorted in each room and then moved directly to trucks using forklifts. Bananas that have ripened to the level requested by each customer are shipped as scheduled.
To deliver delicious,
high-quality bananas to consumers,
green bananas are ripened
in the banana rooms every day.

Ripening Room

Fruits other than bananas that require ripening are processed
in the rooms on the first floor of the headquarters building.
The facilities comprise a ripening room and a cooling room.
The ripening room is on the right in the photo and the cooling room is on the left.

The bright green color is a sign of immaturity. Since avocados arrive in an immature state, they are ripened in a ripening room where the temperature and humidity are kept constant.
Even if ripening is completed, the degree of ripening varies depending on the individual. At this stage, the colors are selected and the immature ones are re-ripened to unify the maturity.

Temperature control is essential for avocado processing. The optimum processing method changes depending on the outside temperature and the condition of the item, so a skilled caretaker makes an assessment every day.

Avocadoes, which have been individually inspected and sorted by destination, are awaiting delivery. We achieve high quality by inspecting products just after receipt and just before shipment.

The item quality is checked by its look and how it feels, but it is a very difficult task. We check every day to see if the selection was correct

The technology and facilities of Funasho Shoji ensure the delivery of high-quality, safe products.


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