ABOUT US Funasho Shoji Co., Ltd., is a trading company that specializes in the distribution of a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables imported from around the world.

Business Overview

Funasho Shoji Co., Ltd. was established in 1974 as a trading company that handles imported fruits and vegetables. Funasho Shoji imports fruit and fresh produce from around the world and sells the products throughout the country. The company has a large market share in the eastern part of Japan, through which it contributes to the vitalization of the Japanese fresh produce industry.

The company's product line consists of more than 100 separate items, including differences based on the growing area. With an established reputation for quality bananas, kiwi fruits, avocadoes, and mangoes, the company provides fresh, safe, delicious products that have been purchased from growing areas around the world for sale to wholesale markets like the Ota Market, supermarkets, and mass retailers. Funasho Shoji, a fresh produce import coordinator, takes pride in delivering fresh fruits and vegetables from growers around the world to wholesalers and consumers in Japan.


Corporate Philosophy

We deliver reliable quality and services in the spirit of the Customer First. Our goal is to create a cheerful workplace based on mutual trust and to make the company a place where employees can find meaningful lives. The company contributes to society at large through the distribution of fruits and vegetables that are an essential part of the lives of all citizens.

[ Message from the President ]

Along with the rapid globalization taking place around the world, the imported fresh produce industry faces turbulent times. In the midst of that social context, we must accurately grasp the flow of the times to respond in a timely manner to the ever-accelerating diversification of food culture and sophistication of consumer attitudes. In an effort to support a food culture that caters to the needs of the times, Funasho Shoji provides fresh, safe, delicious products through bold, yet careful and unique, projects that include the development of growing areas and products and the improvement of processing technology.

Fruit makes people happy. In order to share that happiness with clients, growers, employees, and consumers, we will continue our ongoing efforts to further consolidate the trust and quality that we fostered for over 40 years.

We ask for your continued support and guidance.

President & CEO 関野 貴文

■Company Profile

Company Name Funasho Shoji Co., Ltd.
Business foreign-grown fruits and vegetables
Head Office 5F, TSK Building, 3-8-2 Tokai, Ota-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Processing plant; two sites Oi and one other
URL http://www.funasho-s.co.jp
Date of Establishment December, 1974
Board Members Chairman Akira Sekino
President & CEO Takafumi Sekino
Executives Chairman Akira Sekino
President & CEO Takafumi Sekino
Executive Director Takayuki Yoshida
Managing Director Minoru Kawashima
Director Tatsuro Kazui
Director Koyama Ryoutarou
Capital Stock 90 million yen
Sales 18,164 million yen
(the full year ended March 2023)
Number of Employees 62 (Males:34 Females:28)
(as of June, 2023)

■Company History

1924 A fruit and vegetable wholesale store opened in the Kanda Market.
1974 Funasho Shoji Co., Ltd., was established, and the imported fresh produce division was spun off from Funasho Co., Ltd.
1994 Wellness Co., Ltd., was established.
2003 Banana ripening rooms were established in the San-Ebara Building
2004 The head office was relocated to the current TSK building upon the 30th anniversary of the foundation of the company.
2011 An avocado ripening room was established on the first floor of the TSK building.
2014 The 40th anniversary of the foundation of the company was celebrated.
2016 Banana ripening rooms were established at Oi Terminal.
2018 Turn Fruits Net Corporation into a grouping.
2019 Acquired ISO 9001 Certification.
2020 Addition of banana processing plant at Oi Wharf.
2022 Expand ISO9001 to group companies.
2022 Opened Kansai Sales Office.
2023 Establishment of Sustainability Promotion Office.

■Organization chart

[ ISO 9001 Certification Initiatives ]

In April 2019, Funasho Shoji Co., Ltd., obtained ISO 9001 certification, an international standard for quality management as established by the International Standard Organization (ISO).
ISO 9001 is a quality management system in which an organization’s management, including the quality assurance of services, as well as customer satisfaction and improvements, is tested and evaluated by a third party on a periodic basis.
Achieving ISO 9001 certification demonstrates that our packaging operations and forced ripening processes fully comply with the international standard.
By using this certification as a stepping-stone to further success, we will continue to make every effort to offer higher quality products and services to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Registration No.: JMAQA-2697
Scope of Registration: Funasho Shoji Co., Ltd.
Certification Date: April 11, 2019

[ Facilities ]

Funasho Shoji has high-performance facilities that ensure the delivery of fresh, safe, delicious fruits to customers. In an effort to fulfill our earnest desire to deliver high-quality products to customers, we focus on capital investments as the driving force in providing attractive fruits that connect the growing areas to consumers.



Funasho Shoji Co., Ltd.
5F, TSK Building, 3-8-2 Tokai, Ota-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Transport Access

■From “Omori Station” (JR) -25 minutes
Departure: JR Omori Station East Exit, bound for Ota-Shijyo
Arrival: Ota-Shijyo-Jimusyoto Bus Station
■From “Heiwa-Jima Station” (Keihin Express) -15 minutes
Departure: No. 43-Mori of Keihin Express, bound for Ota-Shijyo
Arrival: Ota-Shijyo-Jimusyoto Bus Station
■From “Ryutsu-Center Station” (Tokyo Monorail) -10 minutes
Departure: No. 43-Mori of Keihin Express, bound for Ota-Shijyo
Arrival: Ota-Shijyo-Jimusyoto Bus Station
■by Car
3 km from Oi South Interchange of Metropolitan Expressway or Shutoko, turn right at Ota-Shijyo Main Gate


Oi Fruit and Vegetable Warehouse No. 1 D Building 4th Floor Refrigerating Facility All Floors 6-3-1 Tokai, Ota-ku, Tokyo TEL/FAX:03-3799-5711

Transport Access

■From “Shinagawa Station” (JR) -20 minutes
Get on from JR Shinagawa Station konan Exit, bound for Ota-Shijyo
Get off at Nichirei Mae
■From “Ryutsu center”(Tokyo Monorail)-10 minutes
by taxi from the Ryutsu center


     Wellness Co., Ltd.

Representative: Takafumi Sekino

Year founded: 1994

Location of Head Office: TSK Bldg. 5F, 3-8-2 Tokai, Ota-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Business: Import and wholesale of fruits and vegetables from overseas

TEL:03-5492-3700 FAX:03-5492-3810


Fruits Net Corporation

Representative: Takafumi Sekino

Year founded: 2001

Location of Head Office: TSK Bldg. 5F, 3-8-2 Tokai, Ota-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Business: Processing, repacking and sale of fruits and vegetables

TEL:03-5755-6266 FAX:03-5755-6267



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